Micro Separations



PTFE Filter

The company is a highly reliable Manufacturer & Supplier of PTFE Filter. The PTFE Filter is a new device with high purity and strong chemical resistance. The thin PTFE membrane (Microsep) in a sequentially numbered poly propylene support rings is ideal for PM 2.5 ambient air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environment. The company offers the best PTFE Filter at the best prices to the clients.

Key Features

  • Convenient : Each filter is individually numbered for easy sample tracking. Each box of 50 filters is sequentially leveled for easy control
  • Precise : Low tare mass provide for accurate gravimetric determination. The unique thermally stable design eliminates curling, keeps the membrane flat, and makes the filter robot friendly.
  • Clean : Manufacture under clean room conditions, these chemically resistant, low chemical background filters permit sensitive interference free determinations.


  • For air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environment
  • Supported membrane offer increased durability for hostile testing environment or acid aerosol monitoring

Ordering Information

  • Microsep PMTF2.5 : PTFE membrane, 46.2mm with support ring, sequentially numbered, 50 No./packet


Size Standard
Material Ptfe
Shape Round, Square
Color Off White
Outside Diameter 30-32mm
Inside Diameter 20-22mm


Property Test Method Unit of Measeure Value Range
Filter Media n/a n/a PTFE Teflon n/a
Filter Thickness Micrometer μ m 40 10
Filter Diameter Micrometer mm 46.2 0.25
Filter Pore Size ASTM, F 316-94 mm 2 Maximum
Support Ring Media n/a n/a Polypropylene PMP or equivalent
Total Support Ring Thickness Micrometer mm 0.365 0.055
Support Ring Width Micrometer mm 3.68 +0.00, - 0.51
Particle Retention (0.3mm) @ 16.67 liters/min. ASTM D 2986-95a cm H20 30 Maximum
Alkalinity Epa/600-R-94/038b, sec.2.12 μeg/g of filter 25 Maximum
Weight Loss As above μ g < 20 Maximum
Loose Particles As above μ g < 20 Maximum
Moisture Pickup As above μ g < 10 Maximum