Micro Separations



Micro Glass Fiber Filter (MGF/AH)

The company is a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Micro Glass Fiber Filter (MGF/AH). The Micro Glass Fiber Filter is known for its high purity. The Micro Glass Fiber Filter is especially manufactured for use in collection of suspended solids in portable water in natural and industrial waste.

Features & Benefits

  • Chemically & biologically inert
  • High flow Rate & high dirt holding capacity


Property Specification
Filter Media Glass Fiber
Filter Thickness 0.33mm
Weight 64g/m2
Loading Capacity High
Wet Burst 3.7kpa


Ordering Information

Diameter (mm) Calalog Number
Grade MGF/Ah
Quantity / Packs
Filter Circler
25mm MGF/AH-25 All item are 100 pcs per packs
37mm MGF/AH-37 -
47mm MGF/AH-47 -
125mm MGF/AH-125 -